For over 40 years, Group for the East End has been protecting, restoring, and planning the preservation of eastern Long Island’s environment. Leaders in advocacy and education, without the Group much of what we know and enjoy on Long Island’s East End might not be here today.

1970s: Protecting Natural Habitat and Farmland


The Group builds a strong coalition of citizen advocates and persuades Suffolk County to preserve fragile habitat parcels, such as the Long Pond Greenbelt, and more than 5,000 acres of farmland through a new Farmland Preservation Program.


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1980s: Preserving Clean Drinking Water


The Group introduces new drinking water protection tools to the East End so that development can be clustered away from sensitive ecosystems, and groundwater recharge areas can be preserved for future generations.


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1990s: Stopping Overdevelopment


The Group leads a public campaign to pass the Long Island Pine Barrens Protection Act and the Community Preservation Fund Act, which together keep more than 60,000 acres of critical groundwater recharge lands from being developed.


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2000s: Inspiring People to Embrace a Conservation Ethic


The Group expands its public education programs for adults and children, and joins with community groups to push for more energy-efficient building codes, better environmental reviews, and increased citizen participation.


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