What You Can Do

Making small changes in your everyday life to protect the environment has a big impact over time, and it’s contagious! Other people will notice, and be inspired by you to do the same. Collectively, we CAN protect our environment for our children and our children’s children.

Drinking Water: Know Your Well

Get the facts. Find out where your drinking water comes from. If you have a private well, get it tested every two years. Suffolk County Department of Health Services provides low-cost private well testing. Call the Bureau of Drinking Water at (631) 852-5810. 

Sustainable Landscaping and Property Management

  • Minimize your lawn area
  • Use native soils and plants
  • Go organic: use only natural pest and weed controls
  • If you absolutely must fertilize, use “slow release”
  • Mow high: cut grass to three inches to discourage weeds and promote drought resistance
  • Irrigate early or late in the day to prevent water loss from evaporation
  • Keep impervious surfaces on your property to a minimum. Use gravel driveways and walkways, and plant a rain garden!
  • Register annually for Suffolk County’s No Spray Lists to prevent mosquito pesticides from being sprayed on your property. 

Reduce Your Home's Carbon Footprint

Is your house properly insulated? Are you using the most energy efficient heating and cooling system in your home? Interested in learning more about solar panel installation?

Long Island Green Homes provides free energy audits to homeowners who are interested in having a more energy efficient home. To learn more: longislandgreenhomes.org

Stop Throwing Out Pollutants (S.T.O.P.)

Never discard toxic products like gasoline, oil, paint thinners and degreasing agents into the soil or house drains. Call your town’s recycling center for specific dates toxic products can be accepted. 

Maintain Your Septic System and Oil Tanks

  • Have your septic system pumped out every two years.
  • Replace failing cesspools with new systems.
  • Never flush medications down the toilet!  East End Medication Disposal Program
  • Replace any buried or old above-ground heating oil tank with an indoor or vaulted tank. 

Green Boating

  • Always use biodegradable soap. (Never use dish soap.)
  • Anchor only in designated areas and always avoid eelgrass beds
  • Honor no-wake zones
  • Switch to chemical-free antifreeze (the pink stuff)
  • Remember Peconic Bay is a designated No Discharge Zone (NDZ) 

Reduce Beach Erosion

  • Avoid walking on dunes. Even light foot traffic can cause erosion and damage the vegetation that stabilizes the dunes.
  • Consider removing shore-hardening structures such as bulkheads, seawalls and revetments, which can contribute to the loss of beaches and may cause additional erosion.
  • Replant native beach grasses and support wetlands restoration to minimize flooding and erosion. The Group leads several beach grass plantings each year. Learn more.  

Participate in Your Town's Planning Efforts

Every year, dozens of land use decisions are made by elected and appointed boards.  The collective impact of these decisions determines what your town – and the East End – will become. Planning boards, zoning boards and town boards value input from concerned citizens. Become an informed participant in the public process and speak up for the issues and concerns that are important to the future of your town. 

Contact Your Elected Representatives

Write or call members of your Town Board and tell them to protect vital natural resources through development of a comprehensive conservation plan. Also, sign up for the Group’s Action Alert Emails. With just a couple of clicks, you can share environmental concerns with your representatives and tell them how you want them to vote on specific issues. 

Support Group for the East End

Your tax-deductible donation goes directly to protecting and restoring the environment on the East End. We can’t do it without you! DONATE 

Get Outside. Take a Hike.

Explore the natural beauty of the East End with your friends and family. Check out the Group’s free and low cost events!