Success of the Osprey

The Osprey are back from the brink.

If you live on the East End, you’ve seen Osprey nests on top of a telephone poles and other unlikely places. Normally they would build their remarkably large nests in the tops of tall trees located next to wetlands, ponds, lakes and bays. However, increased development and significant loss of habitat over the last 30 years made them search for alternative nesting areas.

In response to the lack of nesting sights during breeding season, the Group began building and maintaining scores of Osprey nesting platforms across the East End. This effort has been critical to the Osprey’s recovery from its status during the 1970s as an endangered species in New York State. We welcome their strong presence in the ecosystem, which helps to maintain a healthy East End environment.

If you’d like to be part of a great volunteer team that restores Osprey nesting platforms, please contact:

Aaron Virgin, Vice President
631-765-6450, ext. 218