Protecting Beach-Nesting Bird Sites

Through a contract with the Town of Southold, the Group has been managing and monitoring the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation’s designated beach-nesting bird sites within the Town. This stewardship role is important for the protection of critical habitat and nesting areas for Federal and State-designated endangered and threatened shorebird species. Throughout the nesting season, trained staff and volunteers observe and record the reproductive success and productivity of individual Piping Plover pairs and Least Tern colonies, as well as document the sightings of Roseate Terns and other migrating and nesting colonial water birds. 


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For more information or if you would like to volunteer for this program, please contact:

Christine Tylee, Program and Stewardship Coordinator
631-765-6450, ext. 208


Aaron Virgin, Vice President
631-765-6450, ext. 218