Tell the Southampton ZBA to protect water quality and vote NO on the Southampton Country Day Camp variance

Despite an ongoing water pollution crisis throughout Southampton Town, developers are proposing to convert a modest seasonal tennis club into a full-blown day camp on fragile property in North Sea. The camp, slated for the shore of Little Fresh Pond, is projected to have a daily occupancy of over 500 campers, tennis members, and staff.

The Group has argued against this application for over five years because of its intensity, its potential negative effects on the surrounding residential community, and its long-term impacts on water quality, especially the fragile waters of Little Fresh Pond.

NOTE: This type of land use is NOT allowed under current zoning, and the ZBA would have to issue a variance for the application to proceed.

The dedicated community around Little Fresh Pond has worked for years to:
(1) protect the pond’s water quality;
(2) maintain the area’s peaceful tranquility; and
(3) stop expansive new development.

The developers have already sued the community once in an effort to silence public participation. Let’s make sure the ZBA knows that Southampton Town residents who care about the environment will not be threatened or silenced by such bullying developers.

Tell Southampton ZBA to Vote NO on Expansive Development at Little Fresh Pond

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