Stop “Tuckahoe Center” on County Road 39

If we don’t speak up now, the Suffolk County Planning Commission could approve the largest shopping center proposed for Southampton in decades, even though the project is not allowed by zoning, and even though it would pour tens of thousands of new vehicle trips onto County Road 39, which is already snarled with endless traffic problems.

The Planning Commission is meeting Wednesday, December 2 at 2pm, in the Rose Caracappa Auditorium, William Rogers Building, 725 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Hauppauge.

For decades, town planners have known that the traffic on County Road 39 is so bad that only the lowest traffic-generating uses should be allowed. As a result, the so-called “Tuckahoe Center” project could only be permitted if the Town Board changes the site’s existing zoning –  which is exactly what the developers have proposed.

traffic-photo-thumbnailCan you imagine what the traffic from a 58,000 square foot shopping center – with a drive-through bank, supermarket and several thousand square feet of new retail/restaurant space – will do to County Road 39 on a Friday night or a busy summer weekend? 

We CAN imagine. We’ve seen what overdevelopment has done to the East End, and that’s why the Group has opposed this project from the outset.

The Suffolk County Planning Commission plays a critical role in the review of this proposal. If the Commission votes YES, the Southampton Town Board would need only three of its five members to approve the change of zoning, and allow the project to proceed. If the Commission votes NO – the Town Board would require four of its five members to approve the change of zone.

If you’re sick of being stuck in endless traffic jams on County Road 39, and want to stop commercial sprawl along our highways, let the Suffolk County Planning Commission know that you oppose this change of zone and support only low-traffic uses on County Road 39.

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