Stop Sand Mine Expansion in Bridgehampton & Protect Drinking Water

Despite 4 decades of hard won battles to protect the South Fork’s only State-designated Special Groundwater Protection Area, State officials are actively considering the approval of a massive 50-acre sand mine expansion that would bring this aging, non-conforming mine 40 feet closer to the top of the South Fork’s largest reserve of clean drinking water.

Making matters worse is that the mine is also used to operate a massive vegetative waste processing plant. These processing plants have already been identified by the Suffolk County Health Department to have very high potential to contaminate our ground water.

The State will hold a critical public statement hearing Wednesday, November 19 at 6pm, at the Bridgehampton Community House.  Join us in calling for a denial of this current proposal and insist on a full environmental impact statement, as well as consistent water monitoring for any future operations at this facility. Please attend the hearing and show your support for water quality protection.

Stop Sand Land Expansion

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