Stop Elimination of Land Protection Funds

Last week, nearly 70% of Suffolk County voters overwhelmingly supported the protection and restoration of the Suffolk County Drinking Water Protection Program, and told their elected officials that land and water quality protection must be a top priority for every resident.

Ironically, despite the powerful message sent by voters, the County is still considering the elimination of $30 million in land protection funds. IR 1830 would limit funding available for purchase of critical Pine Barrens and prime watershed properties that have already been prioritized for protection.

On Friday, November 14, the County will reopen its discussion of whether to save or discard these critical land protection funds. Please send a letter telling the Legislature to listen to the overwhelming voice of the electorate and save the land protection funds that have been proposed for elimination in IR-1830.


Stop Elimination of $30 million in Land Protection Funds (IR 1830)

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