Want to help the Group? Join us! You can volunteer in the field, from home, or in our office.   Contact  Aaron Virgin at 631-765-6450, ext. 218, or acvirgin@eastendenvironment.org.

Help with Nature Clean-ups & Plantings

Check out our “explorations” to find out if there is a clean-up or planting you can help out with in the near future. Or, you can organize your own project with our help. Contact us to find out more.

Lead a Nature Outing

If you enjoy the outdoors and are familiar with an East End location for hiking, biking, kayaking, or wildlife watching, please share your knowledge and experience with our members by leading a nature exploration.

Become an Osprey Ambassador

We can use volunteers who don’t mind braving the cold weather to survey the condition of osprey platforms and help us repair those that require it. Contact us in December or January for information.

Attend Public Hearings

Countless volunteers have assisted the Group over the years in monitoring public hearings and attending to show their support when it counts most. Your active participation in civic advocacy makes a difference to our efforts to preserve the environment.

Donate Professional Services

Designers, writers, lawyers, landscape designers and other professionals have lent us their expertise on many occasions and this type of volunteerism can save the Group a lot of time and money. If you donate professional services, we can focus our time and expenses on our programs and campaigns rather than administrative costs.

E-Volunteers Needed

Be a part of the conversation when we post information about news, events and action alerts on our blog, facebook page, twitter, etc.

At the Office

Now that we have a permanent office in Southold, we could use some help maintaining the space. Tasks such as lawn mowing, garden maintenance, and collection of recyclable materials are appreciated. Contact us to arrange a convenient time to help.