Since 1972, Group for the East End has led the way in protecting and restoring the environment of eastern Long Island through education, conservation, and advocacy. We fight for the protection of our land, water, and wildlife, we inspire children to become stewards of the environment, and we engage the community to embrace a conservation ethic and take action.



We get kids and adults outside! Through year-round programs with public and private schools, we educate and inspire children to appreciate and respect all things natural on the East End. If they don’t protect our environment in the future, who will? During our popular nature outings for adults and families, we put away our phones so we can listen, explore, and discover. LEARN MORE

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Imagine the East End without foxes, owls, and osprey…without open land and farms…or with bays too polluted to swim in. This beautiful place just wouldn’t be the same! We strive to adopt laws that preserve wetlands. We plant beach grass to prevent erosion. We collect trash from our shores and raise awareness about sea birds, sea turtles and other marine life dying from single-use plastics. LEARN MORE

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Working with our partners and civic organizations, we push local governments to rethink development proposals, to overhaul zoning codes, and to adopt new open space preservation laws. We fight for policies that protect our land, water, and wildlife and are committed to always having clean water to drink. We motivate East Enders to speak up and take action on important environmental issues. LEARN MORE