When our lands, water, and wildlife are threatened, Group for the East End stands up and fights back. These are some of the key issues we are working on…


preserving PLUM ISLAND

As co-founder of the Preserve Plum Island Coalition, the Group is advocating for the protection of this unique 840-acre ecological treasure. Publicly-owned for over a century, Plum Island is being threatened by federal bureaucrats and politicians who want to auction it off to the highest bidder, while PPIC and legislators from New York and Connecticut prefer to dedicate the island’s undeveloped acreage as a National Wildlife Refuge. This pristine gem is home to several hundred species - some rare and endangered - and has the largest seal haul-out site in southern New England.

Cover photo credit: Robert Lenz



The Group is fighting against the dumping of construction, demolition and landscaping debris and waste processing at “Sand Land,” a 50-acre open-pit sand mine in Bridgehampton. None of the industrial debris gets inspected, even though the mine sits directly over the South Fork’s most important reserve of fresh drinking water. The Suffolk County Health Department’s groundwater test results show exceedingly high concentrations of heavy metals, nitrates, and radioactivity, which may be moving toward private residential wells.

protecting 600 acres of pine barrens forest

The Lewis Road Planned Residential Development (formerly known as “The Hills”) is a massive luxury golf resort proposed for Southampton Town’s fragile aquifer-protection overlay district in East Quogue. For nearly a decade, the Group has fought to uphold the residential zoning within the district, which was specifically designed to minimize development, preserve the quality of the drinking water, and protect its unique pine barren habitat and wildlife. The proposed golf resort’s high-density, intensive land use would have a dire effect on the environment.


PREVENTing medicatIONS from ENTERING east end waters

When flushed down the toilet, prescription and over-the-counter medications can contaminate our drinking water, bays and harbors. To combat these potential pollutants, the Group established the East End Medication Disposal Program, which allows residents to safely discard unused medications in one of our medication drop boxes, permanently located at police stations. Safe disposal can also help prevent drug misuse, abuse, and harm to children and pets. Approximately 2,000 pounds are collected annually.


CLEANING UP long island’S coastal WATERS

Faced with declining drinking water quality, beach and shellfish area closings, toxic brown and red tides in our bays and harbors, harmful blue-green algae in our freshwater ponds and lakes, and die-offs of fish and salt marshes, the Group co-founded the Long Island Clean Water Partnership in 2013. To protect and restore water quality, the partnership (1) advocates for affordable installation of high-tech waste treatment systems, (2) raises public awareness through community forums, and (3) works with elected officials to develop funding sources and pass laws that protect our water resources. Today LICWP has over 100 member organizations across Long Island committed to this critical effort.